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What it is: In the words of the Colour team,"Colour is the first app for in-home hairstyling, on demand, created by women of color, for women of color." Founder and CEO Debra Shigley started the company because she believes there's a gap in the market for on-demand hair styling for women of color from hairstylists who know how to work with various hair textures.
What we did: When Debra approached us, she had already tested her hypothesis in the real world the old school way: over the phone. She'd set up a network of hair stylists, and sent them out to people who called her home phone. We transitioned that low-tech system into a more efficient iPhone app. We worked closely with Debra to understand her target client, and designed the app using a color scheme, typography and graphics that would work best for them.
Testimonial: "The Team at Heady is simply phenomenal. We were lucky to work with them on the creation of mobile app Colour, and the project exceeded my expectations every step of the way. Rahul is extremely professional, diligent, and a creative problem solver (as well as able to break down complex technical concepts into laymen’s terms, which was important for a non-technical founder like me!). In addition, the Heady design team has an excellent eye and taste level, and they were able to bring Colour’s vision to life with a collaborative (and efficient) process. They are a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with Heady again soon."
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What it is: Slide is a gift card app for iPhone and Android that solves the problem of not having your gift cards when you need them most—while on the go. Across the U.S., thousands of people use Slide every day to digitize their gift cards, track their card balances, and buy brand new cards for themselves and friends.
What we did: When we started working with Slide, they already had a beautiful iOS app powered by a robust and secure back-end service. We quickly learned the ins and outs of the Slide RESTful API and start to build the Android app within a truly agile environment. In collaboration with their in-house dev team and amid a constantly evolving back-end, we stayed nimble and adaptive to new business requirements and priorities.
Cool fact: The Android app is now almost at parity with the iOS app, and there are many new features coming soon. Stay tuned!
Testimonial: "First of all, I just want to say, the amount of polish and the extra level of refinement that you all built into the Android app is just incredible. Seriously, this is a very impressive application and wipes the floor with any of the other gift card apps for Android (including Android Pay). Your team has blown me away with the attention to detail and the extra effort to improve the experience, and it's duly noted and appreciated—thank you!"
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What it is: Friar is an app created for the Franciscan church to build on their strong sense of community by making it virtually accessible. The app allows users to do two things: Share prayers with each other, and “light” candles in the church without ever leaving home. Once users “light” their candle on the app, friars in the church get a notification instructing them to light an actual physical candle (or multiple candles) for the user.   
What we did: When the church originally called us, they had one task in mind: to continue to help their community in the most accessible way possible, as they’ve done for hundreds of years in the past. They knew that meant creating an app, but they didn’t know exactly what that entailed, so we helped them figure out how to shape it. We designed, and developed the apps and the CMS that allows admins to manage them.
Testimonial: "Working with Heady is truly outstanding. Beyond their professionalism, I admire how they were personally invested in our app as if it was their own. All throughout the project, they were readily available and transparent in every step of the development." - Friar Alvin Te
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What it is: Gamblino is a sports-betting app where people use points — not money — to place bets with other users. It was founded by Frank Wilson, a former finance broker who turned his passion for sports and betting into his full-time career in 2012. Since online gambling is illegal in the US, Gamblino gives users a place to have fun betting in a safe, social environment.
What we did: We built the Android app in two months. And now, we are making improvements to the user-created pools section in both the Android and the pre-existing iOS app.
Cool fact: We are seeing less than three crash a month. Of those, most are on rooted Android devices.
Testimonial: "Rahul and his team have been a true pleasure to work with. They run a professional, organized development process with a high attention to detail. They were able to quickly grasp Gamblino's complex UI and backend, and they've consistently delivered on a tight schedule. I highly recommend the team and look forward to continued work with them." - Frank Wilson
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what we do.
To us, making an app isn't just about the app itself. We help you with the entire experience surrounding the app: deciding which features you want to include, how to include them, and then how to market your app to the public once it's complete.  
We always keep both the brand and the user in mind when we're building apps. We highlight our client's core DNA, and we also rely on user research to help us make apps that people really want to use.
We specialize in building iOS and Android apps for phones, tablets, and watches — and we also work on websites and embedded-systems projects. Our recent IoT hacks include beacons, robotic driverless mini cars, and intel Edison boards.
Everything comes down to one word: data. Data is our starting point, and everything else flows from there. We integrate the latest analytics tools in your apps, and we can also monitor your app's performance for you.
After we make your app, we can continue to maintain it as well. In fact, we like to make sure all of our apps are working the way they are supposed to, even when the tech ecosystem evolves around them. And, like good tech samaritans, we are also happy to maintain and upgrade any apps that we didn't build!
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Software Engineer
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Senior Product Manager
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