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Product Strategy

Charting a focused vision for long-term success.



Driving Product Success Through Strategic Thinking

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Heady’s Product Strategy team zeroes in on the Who, the Why, and the How behind each business challenge we solve for through user-focused research, interactive workshops, and product and market analysis. The outcome: logically defined and achievable business goals, a long-term product vision that extends beyond the initial release, and user-centric products that drive engagement.

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What We Deliver

Focus Icon Focused Vision

We facilitate a unified product vision that guides the business to follow their “North Star,” keeping the project and team grounded while fostering growth and evolution.

Insight Icon (1) Actionable Insights

We utilize research and data to clear the way for unbiased decision-making that drives product performance throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Innovation Icon Continuous Innovation

We solve complex problems with thoughtful bespoke solutions. Change is our constant and inspires us to think about each challenge uniquely, never one-size-fits-all.

How We Deliver

The Product Strategy team engages with your project from the start and continues to provide strategic guidance throughout the entire product lifecycle, working cross-functionally to ensure alignment with your evolving business goals, user needs, and market dynamics.

User Research

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology
  • Concept Prototyping 
  • A/B Testing

Product Strategy

  • Product Vision & Pillars
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Jobs to Be Done (JTBD)
  • Personas
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Prioritized Feature Set
  • Competitive & Market Analysis
  • Content / UX Strategy
  • KPIs & OKRs

User & Product Analytics

  • User Analytics Audit
  • Product Analytics Audit

In the ever-evolving world of digital products, standing still equals moving backward.

That's why we specialize in Digital Product Lifecycle Management to keep your product fresh, competitive, and in step with market trends at all times. Don't just keep up — lead the way    with Heady.

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Take a Small Step Toward a Big Impact

Here are a few ways we can begin working together.

Product/User Evaluation

Do you know who your users are today and what they want?

Through product testing we’ll provide deep insights into your user base and identify the jobs they need done, providing a strategic vision to ensure your product is matching those needs.

Product Analytics Audit

How is your digital product performing? Are you meeting your user and company goals?

We’ll audit and assess product analytics to identify opportunities of underperformance, new features, resolve existing pain points, and improve overall usability issues to inform the product roadmap and product lifecycle.

Product Vision Workshop

What’s the ultimate goal of your digital product? How do you know if you’re building towards success?

We’ll conduct an interactive workshop to facilitate and procure business goals matched with user objectives and establish a framework to drive product development for both the short and long-term.

Have something bigger in mind?

Heady Outcomes


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What Heady Clients Say

“Working with Heady has been an incredible experience! The team and their work are creative, insightful, detailed and, most importantly, exciting both for our workforce and our customers.”

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The Heady Difference

It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Seamless Collaboration

We design locally and build globally with dedicated teams that feel internal.

Proven Processes

We leverage our experience to deliver work that consistently exceeds expectations.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

We stay on the cutting-edge of technology to ensure you do, too.

Culture of Relentless Improvement

We don’t rest on our successes and we’re always looking ahead to what’s next.


Transparent Communication

Frequent communication and transparency is built into our processes.

Long-Term Partnerships

Every major brand that hires Heady continues to work with us for multiple years.

Agile Competency

Rapid prototyping and continuous testing get your product to market more quickly.

Big on Heart, Short                            on Ego

We never underestimate the power of being kind.


Figuring out your next step? We're here for you.

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