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:tada:2024 WEBBY WINNER: The Crate & Barrel mobile app won a Webby Award!

Our App Management System (AMS) is a comprehensive solution to make product owners’ lives easier.

At Heady, we know how much work goes into keeping an app running, from updating assets to shipping builds. That’s why we developed an all-in-one software to make app management simpler and smoother.

The Power of AMS

Refresh the look and feel of your app in real time
—without any help from developers.

Push out new code with a few mouse clicks.
 We’ll make sure it gets to the App Store quickly 
and error-free.

Your content will never go offline 
—and neither does our 24/7 support team.


Experience Manager

Easily manage your app experience on the fly. No coding necessary.

Create and manage content

Create content campaigns with different media types to deliver an unforgettable user experience. Integrate analytics to learn which campaigns are performing and which need extra attention.

Personalize app user experience

Tailor content to specific user bases or regions

Control downtime

Let’s be honest: all apps have bugs and production issues at some point. Why not give users the best possible experience, even when things aren’t running as planned? Whatever happens, XM allows you to flip the Kill Switch for your app with the click of a button.

Schedule in advance

Make sure your campaigns deliver on-time and stay relevant by scheduling their deployment in advance.

Preview instantly

See a preview of your content right in the XM dashboard. No staging builds necessary. Empower content managers to set up content-rich campaigns that will enhance the app user’s experience.

User access management

Our user management and role-based permissions ensure that everyone on your team has the access they need. Different levels of permissions allow for maximum flexibility and control over access and job function.

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DevOps Tools

Streamline your development operations and get faster builds.

Our color builds facilitate the QA process and are a unique offering in the market. We allow app builds to be created off of separate feature branches allowing QA engineers to test in isolation and focus on the key requirements at hand.

  • Manage stakeholder builds
  • Identify and ready Release Candidates

After client and PM sign-off, Release Candidates can be automatically uploaded to their respective app stores to be submitted for review.

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