Figuring out what to build in your app can get pretty complicated—which is why we have a streamlined process to get you there. We work with you on marketplace and competitor analysis, persona development, customer journey mapping, user research, and focus groups. Bonus: We get weirdly excited to crunch numbers (what can we say, we’re data nerds), which means that all of our decisions are data-driven.


We know you know this, but just to reiterate: Design is super important. You can have the best concept in the world, but if the design is lame, your app will be, too. No worries there: Our team is very much in-the-know. We rely on user research and the latest design guidelines to create intuitive user experiences. The end result? Beautiful, one-of-a-kind apps that help you achieve your business goals—and delight your users along the way.


Coding can be quite a beast, which is why we cherry-pick our developers from the top schools and companies to develop the highest quality code for your mobile app. We have a history of building clean, maintainable, and scalable code for phones, tablets, and IoT devices. We also build out custom algorithms and backend APIs that power your app, and we can certainly build your website, too.


Here at Heady, we think about maintenance like we think about our health: Both need to be tended to on the regular in order to stay on track. That means that, even after we technically finish building an app, we continue to go back and update it so that it continues to evolve. We add new features, proactively update the code to keep up with changing technologies, fix bugs—basically whatever needs to be done to not only keep it functional. And to be clear, we don’t need to have built your app in order to maintain it.