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Design Systems by Heady

Unlock your digital product’s potential with a blueprint for seamless scalability.


Create More Consistent and Cohesive Digital Products

A Design System is a map of your digital product’s DNA that serves as a robust and reliable guide for design management at scale. This set of standards eliminates redundancy and streamlines workflows by developing a shared language and visual consistency across every product touchpoint.

Imagine a single source of truth that unites all reusable components, patterns, and guidelines, enabling more efficient development and ensuring a consistent and cohesive digital experience for users — that's the essence of a Design System.


How Design Systems Drive Product Success

Group 1498 Uniform & Intuitive User Experience

Create consistency within your digital products

Group 1498-1 Consistent Product Portfolio

Unify multiple products for a more harmonious experience

Group 1498-2 Single Source of Truth

Create an irrefutable reference point for all your design needs

Group 1498-3 Purposeful Guidelines

Facilitate a structured approach to design and minimize ambiguity

Group 1498-4 Improved Workflow

Enhance efficiency and productivity across teams

How Design Systems Benefit the Entire Team

Design Systems don’t just simplify the design workflow — they offer tangible value across your organization.

Icon 01 Unify Communication & Collaboration

Design Systems bridge the gap between product managers, designers, and developers by creating a single reference point, preventing redundancy and ensuring everyone is aligned.

Icon 03 Accelerate Progress & Decision-Making

With Design Systems, your team spends less time building elements from scratch and more time solving real problems — plus, new team members can hit the ground running with perfect clarity.

Group 39864 Enhance Visual Consistency & Accessibility

Design Systems ensure a unified look and feel across products while paving the way for accessibility improvements, setting a dynamic foundation for your product’s evolution.

Icon 04-1 Optimize Development & Reducing Costs

The iterative design enhancements enabled by Design Systems are exponentially faster than writing quality code from scratch, saving your organization time and money.

How We Can Work Together

Whether you're designing a new product or improving an existing one, Heady’s got you covered with our Design System services. Here's how we can help:

Designing a New Product 

Starting a fresh project?

We’ll set you up with a Design System that lays a solid foundation for your new digital product, ensuring you hit the ground running.

Converting Existing Designs 

Already have designs in place?

We can transform your existing designs into a cohesive and efficient Design System to drive your product’s future growth.

Improving an Existing Design System

Looking to refine and optimize your current Design System?

We offer comprehensive analysis and solutions to enhance your existing setup, bringing it up to the latest industry standards.

Our Design System Process

From start to finish, here’s how we make a Design System happen at Heady.

Group 40006

Phase 1:

Strategy & Planning

Defining System Architecture

We establish a robust design system architecture and define a strategic approach to breakpoints to ensure optimal responsive design.

Mapping Component Strategy

We determine the crucial components for your design system including nesting relationships, naming conventions, and lifecycle management.

Strategizing Developer Support

We support your tech team with design tokens, aiding in the systematic application of design decisions across your product.

Group 40006

Phase 2:

Delivering the Design System

Building the Design System Library

We assemble the system files and libraries that make up your Design System, delivering files that provide an overview of the entire framework and component specifications detailing the function and interaction of each element.

Documenting the Design System

We deliver extensive documentation of the what, why, and how of your new Design System to enable cross-functional understanding and effortless collaboration.

Group 40006

Phase 3:

Maintenance & Future Proofing

Establishing Maintenance Strategy

We set up efficient versioning and release strategies, ensuring your Design System evolves seamlessly with your product needs.

Ongoing Documentation Plan

We provide you with a maintenance plan for continued documentation of your Design System to facilitate seamless transitions and ensure long-term success.

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Watch the Design Systems 101 Webinar

Take a deep dive into the what, why, and how of Design Systems, led by Heady’s Director of Design.

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