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Media Kit

About Heady

Heady is a Brooklyn, NY based mobile product consultancy that builds sustainable innovation through design and technology. We integrate with your team to solve pressing problems, create polished websites and apps, and scale results over the short and long term. Heady prides itself on its no-nonsense, reliable approach to working with clients. Everything we do—from initial builds to ongoing maintenance—is to thoughtfully solve your business challenge and grow your product.

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For media inquiries, please contact media@heady.io

Heady Logos


This is the complete and primary Heady logo and mark and should be used whenever the Heady brand is to be included in any content.

Primary Logos

In greyscale reproduction, use the greyscale version on the logo and mark.

Secondary logos

Rahul Khosla

Founder & CEO | Brooklyn, New York

Rahul is the founder and CEO of Heady. He leads the company’s overall strategy and growth initiatives, and believes that growing a company steadily, brick-by-brick, is the key to building a company that lasts.

After receiving his MS in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania, Rahul landed on the trading floor at Deutsche Bank as a software engineer, where he built rapid response applications for traders. He then went on to work at Amazon, where he worked on the engineering team that developed and launched Amazon Marketing Services — the company’s core advertising platform for brands that sell on Amazon. Looking to bring his tech expertise together with his long standing entrepreneurial streak, he started Heady in 2016 to help companies build digital products that both serve clients’ business needs and provide thoughtful, engaging experiences to their end users.

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