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Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE)

By functioning as a fast-moving extension of LTSE’s internal team, we were able to solve their content management challenges so that they could focus on their core product.


By functioning as a fast-moving extension of LTSE’s internal team, we were able to solve their content management challenges so that they could focus on their core product.


The Long Term Stock Exchange, or LTSE, is a U.S. national securities exchange that, when it began in 2020, set out to reimagine how companies approach financial infrastructure. In a world that arguably puts too much emphasis on quarterly earnings, LTSE enables companies to be healthier start ups and find the best ways to innovate and grow. Because what LTSE does is unprecedented, groundbreaking, and disruptive to the financial industry, their website was especially important for establishing credibility.


The website’s audience would include high profile executives, institutional investors, and founders. As well as serving as an initial touchpoint and introduction to LTSE’s vision, the website needed to be a channel for LTSE to advertise major wins, like when a new company listed with them. We all know how much first impressions count. It was critical to get the website right and to do so quickly

LTSE initially got their website live ahead of their launch announcement and used the content management platform Contentful. However, because the content was static and hard coded, it was difficult for them to update their website as needed. Plus, LTSE was working with a small, internal team, with no one solely dedicated to ongoing managemen t of the website.

The Heady difference


With LTSE fresh off their huge launch, it was an all-hands-on-deck situation. As their name would imply, they needed a better long term solution for their website, which is exactly what Heady helped develop through strategy and collaboration.

LTSE already had some key content logged with Contentful, including a lot of downloadable PDFs for companies to use as resources, such as regulatory details. Heady is technology and platform agnostic, so we quickly learned Contentful models, applied updates for scalability, and began to build out from there.

Problem Solving

  • LTSE’s initial web implementation was done for PR purposes, but wasn’t feasible for the long term, so Heady took a speedy, agile, and “all-hands-on-deck” approach to find a solve with longevity.
  • Post launch, the internal LTSE team needed to focus on their core business. Heady met LTSE where they were and acted as a seamless extension of their internal team.
  • LTSE had concerns about website performance and uptime, so Heady crafted an incident response plan and website monitoring solution


Migrated content and managed integration

We moved high performing content from Medium to the LTSE website for SEO purposes and to gather additional visitor data

Rebranded offerings to simplify marketing

Heady helped rebrand and revamp LTSE's business software solution (LTSE Equity) to streamline the experience

Implemented designs for key pages

We worked closely with LTSE’s UI/UX designers to implement dynamic and informative front-end designs including the landing page, blog page, and more

Refined processes

Heady set up a way for LTSE to preview their content through Contentful prior to it going live, and merged existing models with new models to help easily manage and stage content across multiple pages


Through expertise and collaboration, Heady functioned as a member of LTSE’s internal team, migrated blog content, managed the content delivery network integration, implemented design for the key pages, and refined processes.

While Heady’s roots are in native mobile apps, LTSE is one of our web-only clients. Heady has grown to have a wide range of services, and with an agile, platform-agnostic team, we can adapt to address our clients’ needs. We don’t approach problems with ego, we approach them with an improvement mindset, which means that no problem or starting point is too tough for us to tackle.

With LTSE, we worked quickly and efficiently, and were able to set them up for success and seamlessly hand back the reins to their internal team, while remaining an available resource for any future work they may require.


The Long Term Stock Exchange is a U.S. national securities exchange

"They are a true product development partner that seeks to improve and enhance and be challenged by the work."

Lindsay Liu
SVP - Marketing LTSE

"We were very impressed with the output of the Heady team’s work. They accelerated our velocity and quality of output overall."

SVP - Product Manager LTSE

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