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Heady designed and launched a website for a new line of coworking spaces that reflected the client’s beautiful, welcoming, and high-end branding.


Heady designed and launched a website for a new line of coworking spaces that reflected the client’s beautiful, welcoming, and high-end branding.


In-person retail, like many industries, was heavily impacted by the pandemic. So, one of the great retail giants, Saks Fifth Avenue, found a creative and innovative solution by leveraging its brand equity to convert stores into high-end coworking spaces for the rapidly growing number of freelancers and remote workers in the larger New York area. This included key locations in the suburbs for those who were no longer commuting to the city, or were commuting to the city less, and needed a place to work other than their homes. SaksWorks aims to blend work with well-being, so their membership clubs include food and coffee options, gyms, salons, and even event venues.

Heady designed and launched a website for a new line of coworking spaces that reflected the client’s beautiful, welcoming, and high-end branding.


SaksWorks needs were twofold: first, they needed to garner awareness for their clubs and get sign-ups. After that, they needed to create a full website. The initial four clubs were well on their way to being converted from department stores into working spaces, and the SaksWorks team was in a race against the clock to get the full site live by the opening in mid-September 2021, and in time for New York Fashion Week to take advantage of in-store foot traffic. It wasn’t enough to complete the website quickly, it also needed to be designed in a way that reflected the high-end, lifestyle nature of the clubs themselves.

The Heady difference


When Heady came on to the project in July of 2021, there were only two months for design and development prior to launch, so we got right to work on the splash page. While the tech portion of this project was important, design was also critical — creative exploration was required on both fronts.

SaksWorks’ premium branding spoke to the general atmosphere and feeling of the clubs, as well as the company and culture. SaksWorks’ opening garnered plenty of buzz from the likes of Vogue and The New York Times, and the website’s design functioned as an introduction to the venture and to help users know what type of places these clubs would be. So, we needed to be sure the brand translated to the site, starting with the splash page.

Three Phase Approach:

  • Phase 1: Create a splash page for awareness and sign-ups
  • Phase 2: Launch full website for brand storytelling
  • Phase 3: Continued optimization and partnership


The splash page was part of the first phase of work and launched in August with the goal to provide key information and allow for sign-ups. When it came to building out the full sales website for the second phase, Heady hustled with implementation and development, delivering large batches of content in order to expedite approvals.

All in, Heady created the entire website to help SaksWorks introduce themselves, tell their story, and relay all that they offer to potential members.

Key Highlights:

Brought Brand To Life On Web

Created a vivid and unique site that was as warm and inviting as the clubs themselves, including animation, lots of plant imagery and tonal colors

Agile Approach To Scope

A phased approach allowed us to get the site running with things like static Google Maps, and then update for imbedded live Google Maps later on

Continuous Optimization

Added features and pages post-launch, including a page showcasing Ruby & Bella’s, the Greenwich SaksWorks’ restaurant and bar


When it comes to working under tight deadlines, Heady knows that cutting corners never works. Instead, we’re sure to make the most out of the time we have — in the case of SaksWorks, this meant building client trust, clearly and efficiently communicating, and being flexible with everything from design solutions to scope.

The result was a beautiful, engaging, and seamless site with no major bugs, that, despite the quick turnaround, received tons of positive feedback and served as the perfect way for SaksWorks to introduce itself to the world.

Heady is a digital product consultancy built for long term partnerships, and as SaksWorks continues to open new spaces in the suburban market, we’re committed to growing their website alongside them.


SaksWorks is an elevated membership club for life and work.

"Heady has been extremely easy to work with and it is clear that they always have our best interests in mind."

Operations Manager

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