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It's Official: Heady is a Great Place To Work!

Heady_2022_Certification_Badge 2
Madeeha Khan
Author Madeeha Khan
Published On May 16, 2022
Heady_2022_Certification_Badge 2

There’s usually a gap between how fantastic a company thinks they are — touting things like a playful culture or unlimited PTO — and how fantastic its employees know it to be. That gap is wide for some, really wide for others, but for companies with self-awareness and a strong north star of employee respect, perception and reality occupy the same space. We are proud to be in the latter category, having just earned ourselves a formal certification by Great Places to Work™. In fact, 96% of employees say that Heady is a great place to work. Ninety-six percent! We are humbled, proud, and take this honor seriously. 

But a company is only as good as the people who work there, and Heady is in the business of doing smart business — collecting the brightest minds, the most innovative thinkers, and most importantly, the kindest employees. As Heady’s Head of People Operations, I’ve learned it’s easy to be a team player when the team you’re playing on is stacked with outstanding talent.

You might think that because I’ve only been at Heady for 2 months, I wake up happy and excited to start each day. And while there is some truth to this, it isn’t just because Heady is shiny and new to me. This feels different. I actually feel good. I feel seen. I feel heard. I feel respected. Having worked at some not-so-great places, I feel renewed and grateful.

I know that it’s because Heady’s culture is one based on a people-first philosophy, as well as trust. We’re hired as subject matter experts and treated as such to effect change. At the same time, we have fun! Whether it be through our water cooler trivia games on Slack, our witty banter, or our excessive use of GIFs. We are diverse, with the majority of our team consisting of foreign employees, immigrants, and first-generation Americans spanning home countries like China, Colombia, India, Mauritius, Mexico, Pakistan, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and more. We’re also authentic, upholding a truly welcoming culture rooted in psychological safety and wellbeing. We welcome change and foster opportunities — several of our employees transitioned into different career paths or started as interns and contractors.

And if you won’t take my word for it, or believe the data (seriously, our most recent eNPS score was 100!), perhaps you’ll take it from our CEO, Rahul Khosla (who didn’t set out to make any Best-Of lists, he just wanted to provide the best experience for everyone with whom he interacts), and our employees.

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Head of Design

Miguel Molina

US team

Impact. That's what the Heady experience is all about. Since joining, I've been impressed with the way Heady focuses on people first, values diverse voices, and gives everyone an equal opportunity to impact the company at large regardless of position. I've also noticed Heady is not just a place that provides a job but a place that supercharges a career. I'm thankful for Heady's impact on my career and my future growth.

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Associate Product Manager

Cristina Laryea

US team

Working at Heady has been a fantastic year and a half. With the help of my team, I am today an Associate Product Manager who is always learning and growing in my career. When needed, everyone at Heady is always willing to assist and guide. It’s a diversified organization with excellent people to work and socialize with.

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Solution Engineer

Jayant Chauhan

India team

At Heady, I feel I am in engineering heaven. The team is completely supportive. You push yourself daily to learn & achieve new things. With colleagues that work hard and party even harder, the sky's the limit in terms of achievements.

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CEO at Heady

Rahul Khosla

When I started Heady, I thought about all of the things founders think about: providing exemplary services to our clients, hopefully expanding and meeting benchmarks, etc. But I knew that none of that happens without a rock solid team, because our people are the glue that holds it all together, and they have to want to be there as much as I do. We are so proud to have created a place where people feel valued, encouraged, and supported, and where there is such a diverse collection of voices — all of which feel heard.

Hats off again to an amazing team, a great place to work, and to the accolades just getting started.



Madeeha Khan
Group 170

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Interested in a career at Heady?

Excellent! We are always looking for great talent.


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