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5 Ways to Build An Excellent Company Culture

Madeeha Khan
Author Madeeha Khan
Published On Jul 07, 2022

We’re still flying high from our recent recognition as a certified Great Place To Work from the people at (you guessed it) Great Places To Work! Beyond the pride and gratitude we feel for this honor, in true Heady form, we wondered, “How can we use it to help others?” So, we decided to distill the elements that serve as the cornerstones of how we work together into guiding points that other employers can emulate. 

I'm excited to share 5 Heady-inspired ways to build a great company culture! As our People Ops Manager, I knew it was important to consult with the experts in this area — our employees — and mine their opinions on what they think makes a standout workplace.


1. Embrace and Encourage Freedom

An autonomous team that keeps company goals top of mind is an incredibly special thing. At Heady, we have many leaders and new departments - we give our employees the freedom to design their own roles (with management input) and the space to best carry out their duties.

2. Talk to Each Other.

The saying “communication is key,” may be cliche, but it’s imperative and correct. At Heady, we’ve created a strong feedback loop - where the value supports not only management expressing what needs to be done, but also employees being able to provide their thoughts on things like process, without reservations. This clear line of communication helps manage expectations effectively for both sides.

3. Work Closely With Each Other.

We are a team composed not only of many departments and leaders, but also a variety of talent and cultures. We all work together on a daily basis to collectively achieve successful outcomes. For example, the Heady engineering department is spread across multiple global offices. For seamless work to continue —we’ve created a reliable infrastructure of collaborative tools and, most importantly, thoughtful standards and processes. It’s through being consistent in the process of collaboration and taking the time to connect deeply that enables us at Heady get the job done.

Have fun with each other illustration

4. Have Fun With Each Other.

Connecting employees to coworkers outside of their immediate departments and making sure to sync on things that are non-work related are a big way in which we offset the daily stress of work life. From company happy hours and ping pong events, to lunch and learns and demos, our team knows that the “all work and no play” vibe is a thing of the past. Our teams look forward to seeing each other whether that be in-person or virtually and they are visibly excited to laugh, play and chat.

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Android Developer


Work feels like play here because you have such lovely and supportive teammates. I feel like I have never missed anything in my personal and professional life in the past 4 years.

5. Practice Flexibility

Being reasonably flexible to the needs of your employees is a mark of respect and trust. Especially during and after a global pandemic, this is now a must. When our teams were returning to the office, we took it slowly. We instituted a 2-day in-person office policy based on our employees' feedback. We’re receptive to the unique circumstances of each team member and know that as long as the work and impact doesn't waver, fixed hours in a fixed environment is not necessary.

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Software Developer Engineer II


During COVID lockdowns, there was such thoughtfulness from the Heady. There were one-on-one sessions to boost morale, breaks to allow employees to relieve stress, and fun activities that we all enjoyed while being safe, and healthy, at home.

The tl;dr? Communication, collaboration, fun, flexibility and freedom — that’s what works for us. There’s no one size fits all approach to cultivating a supportive company culture, but there is one element that is non-negotiable: respect. For management, for employees, for each other’s responsibilities, and last but certainly not least, for the work that we consistently deliver to our clients. I feel genuinely proud to be at Heady - where all of these values and more are championed!

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Madeeha Khan
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Interested in a career at Heady?

Excellent! We are always looking for great talent.

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