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Achieving Your Digital Goals While Cutting Staff Is Possible. Here’s How.

Rahul Khosla
Author Rahul Khosla
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Author George Sanchez
Published On Nov 09, 2022


As we head into the busy holiday season, concerns about a recession are growing ever louder. According to Bloomberg’s latest monthly survey of economists, there’s now a 60% chance of a recession occurring in the next year, up from 50% in September and compared to a 30% chance six months ago.

Meanwhile, more than three-quarters of CEOs are already preparing for a recession, with 51% considering staff reductions and 71% believing that inflation and the rising cost of living will impact their ability to retain staff, per a recent survey from KPMG. And big names in tech are already making moves in that direction, with Google and Meta announcing hiring freezes, Apple slowing down hiring beginning in 2023, and recent layoffs at Microsoft and Netflix.

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While it’s becoming increasingly clear that many (or most) organizations will have to cut staff in order to weather a looming economic downturn, to make it through a recession they’ll also have to continue to meet larger business goals and maintain revenue. In our digital-first environment, every company is a tech company — so staff reductions notwithstanding, brands that are not only determined to survive, but capitalize on making it to the other side of the recession must keep digital initiatives at the forefront

Downsizing is something no business leader looks forward to, but it also doesn’t have to spell certain doom for your organization’s momentum. Even in the face of staff reductions, achieving your digital goals is possible with the right resources and support — and as a full-service digital product consultancy, at Heady we’re here to help you do just that.

We’ve Got the Capabilities to Achieve Your Digital Goals

Sacrificing staff doesn’t mean your organization has to compromise its digital initiatives. Heady is a think-tank of strategists, creatives, product managers, and developers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals through digital, whether that’s designing and building a new mobile app or website or the backend and databases that support them. We’ll help you define your biggest challenges and then meet them head-on.

What Heady Does

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Whatever your project, it’s got to start with a deep understanding of your business needs, as well as the needs of your users. Through stakeholder interviews, market research, user research, and whatever else it takes, our strategy team will deep-dive into your business to discover and define your biggest challenges — and the opportunities that lie ahead when it comes to your digital innovation.

From there, we’ll collaborate on a strategically prioritized roadmap to ensure we meet your feature needs while keeping one eye firmly on your budget and your timeline. Our product managers are well-versed in Agile methodologies and we’re continuously working to streamline and optimize our processes to ensure the best possible project outcome.

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Our Design team isn’t just focused on pixels, but moreso on purpose. We specialize in sleek, innovative designs to serve today’s forward-thinking customers. Our team relentlessly obsesses over every aspect of the user experience and the end result is a well-designed product that solves problems, addresses business goals, and provides real value to end users.

Our flexible and iterative design process means that through collaborative ideation sessions, design reviews, and frequent check-ins, our team designs right alongside you — whether you need full-service, from-scratch design strategy and execution or a collaborative partner for your own in-house team.

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Tech is in our DNA: The majority of the Heady team is in the engineering department, and we cover the gamut of technical disciplines across architecture, backend, iOS, web, QA, DevOps, IT, and security. With more than 70+ developers across 4 countries and counting, we build great products that solve even your most complex technical challenges.

Whatever your specific needs, Heady can accommodate them, handling onboarding and setup on behalf of our clients and building teams for specific needs including Salesforce, Follow Analytics, Apache Spark, and ETL. And with 24/7 support across multiple time zones, you’ll never feel like you’re in this alone.

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At Heady we’re here to help you tackle not just your present challenges, but to map out your entire digital journey in order to reach your long-term goals. Our dedicated growth team is here to help you think critically about the big picture, and to assist in implementing the right programs and technologies to achieve your digital goals.

Whether it’s building out a compelling customer journey and lead capture strategy, traffic generation through a shiny new content strategy, retargeting campaigns, optimizing your social media strategy, or training your team members on CRM implementation, Heady is your omnichannel partner to accelerate growth of the great brand you’ve already built.

Our Flexible Teams Adapts to Your Needs (and Your Budget)

With a recession looming and staff reductions on the horizon, it’s only natural to be concerned about budget — but working with Heady can help you maintain overhead flexibility when you need it the most.

Compared to the fixed costs of staff salaries, agency costs are more adaptable to fit your needs of the moment. Our transparent project scopes give you the ability to get only what you need, when you need it, without paying a cent more than you’ve budgeted for. At-will contracts mean our working relationship can be paused or ended at any time, giving you the flexibility to adapt to shifting priorities.

Whether you’re looking to fill in temporary talent gaps or are seeking a long-term technology partner, at Heady we can tap into our global resource pool to find the cost-effective solutions your organization needs.

We Work Like (and With) Your Internal Team

At Heady, we pride ourselves on close-knit partnerships that allow us to function like your internal team. If your organization is facing the uncertainty of staff reductions, our flexibility gives you the ability to augment your team with our talent, collaborating seamlessly in order to keep your digital goals at the forefront.

Our dedicated teams are structured to fit the unique needs of our clients, with a relentless focus on continual improvement and constant communication. Our talented developers are client-facing, ensuring efficiency as we work together to bring your project to life. Daily standups provide transparency, so you’re always fully up to speed — and a shared Slack channel facilitates real-time communication between your stakeholders and our team to make sure your project gets all the attention (and funny GIFs) it deserves.

The Heady Difference

As a full-service digital product consultancy, we help our partners tackle their biggest challenges and achieve their most crucial business goals. Heady functions like an extension of your internal team, filling in your talent gaps and providing the resources you need to keep digital evolution at the forefront. The adaptability of our teams allows for more overhead flexibility and lets you budget for what you need, when you need it (and nothing more).

Our clients’ long-term success is our top priority, and it shows: Every major brand that hires Heady continues to work with us for multiple years. Our confidence comes from our experience, and we hope it’s contagious.

Want to learn more about how Heady can help your organization continue its digital evolution, even in the face of an economic downturn? Drop us a line and let’s talk.


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